Rowan Day

Contemporary Landscape Artist

I am a contemporary landscape artist, working in oils and 24ct gold leaf, inspired by the changing beauty of sky and landscape.

I create dynamic movement in my work by opposing soft blended edges with bold strokes and textures. The rich glow of gold leaf, as it shifts and changes with the light, creates a connection to the evolving nature of light and sky. Surrendering to this changing quality, I aim to communicate my inner experience and personal journey, while capturing the compelling play between light and dark, beauty and chaos.

My work speaks of hope, of light in the darkness and the dynamic motion of life and nature. It’s never my intention to copy what I see, instead I hope to express the movement of weather, the atmosphere, and the feelings and emotions evoked by a place or moment in time.


Rowan originally trained as a glass artist and ran a successful glass business between 2003 and 2010, selling her work both nationally and internationally.


She later trained as an Art Therapist gaining a master’s degree in 2015. She went on to practice Art Therapy and to teach in the subject.

Through her therapeutic work and creative self-reflection, Rowan rediscovered her love of painting and embarked on a healing journey, through her creative practice.

Since 2017 Rowan has been a new emerging talent and has built a meaningful career as a painter. While honing her unique style, she’s had numerous successful solo exhibitions, been shortlisted for emerging talent awards, has sold her work internationally and built a large online audience.

You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook to watch my creative journey unfold and see works in progress.

Rowan Day is a member of the Devon Artists Network

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